Thursday, October 11, 2012

Candida diet

At first I thought that may be I should start a different blog specifically for this new topic of mine. I'm sure there are people out there that would share the same interests and dilemmas with me. May be I still will, but first I decided to share my news here just because it is relevant to a "vitamins" part of my blog any way )))

I'm starting a special diet that was recommended to me by my doctor. It is a strict time consuming no fun no bun sort of a diet that is built based on foods I have hidden (notice hidden) allergies to. The diet is basically customized following each patient's individual body reactions to different foods via skin test. Mine specifically consists of yeast free, sugar free, corn free and dairy free products. I am on my fifth day today and so far so good, meaning that at least I'm not suicidal yet ))) I've heard it gets tougher further in.

Grocery shopping during yeast free dairy free corn free diet got more difficult and fun at the same time. Reading all the labels has helped me realize how much "crap" our food market has to offer. There are products out there that may not seam like they have milk or yeast inside but holly cow! I find milk inside of the freaking noodles!!! Go figure...

Thank goodness I am at least allowed to eat wheat, eggs, coffee, soy, oat and nuts (except peanuts), meat and seafood. They really help me throughout the day. Bye-bye my lovely corn chips, Godiva chocolate, wine and cheese (( I will miss you a lot!

Couple of facts I've realized so far:

1. The main thing during this candida battle is to stay occupied so you don't start craving foods. There are temptations all around coming at you from different directions! Social environment, TV commercials, your loved ones and so on. As long as you find what to do until you pass out on your bed - you're good!

2. Another helpful point is to have appropriate foods available next to you at all times. So at work I have my rice cakes, wheat squares, organic vegetable salsa dip and these weird pretzels I found at Trader Joe's. At home I have hummus dip, plantains, rice, fresh organic chicken, eggs and oatmeal. Still looking for more stuff! I cook much more now and actually enjoy it! ))) Because the food is fresh, smells good and is full of vitamins!

3. I pass by sweets at grocery stores almost tearing up. No joke! I loved my japanese ice-cream balls, egg bread with Nutella and so on. Of course it was to be expected so no panic just focus on these delicious rice cakes with scrambled eggs ;)

I'll start a seperate blog to take you through the whole process as a diery with details so I could use it for myself also as a reference later on.