Wednesday, January 16, 2013

My only cocktail forever

If you want to get tipsy without doing too much harm to your body;
If you don't want to be hangover the next day after having fun;
If you don't want to consume too many calories while having cocktails;
If you don't want to be swollen like a balloon the morning after;
Then have my favorite cocktail of all times! I've tested it for a few times already.

It's pure vodka with sparkling seltzer water! No ice, no nothing! You could add a piece of lime for some flavor if you like. Just a plain colorless sugar-free drink that will keep you feeling good into the next day. Guarantee! No headaches, no dry mouth, no irritation, nothing! Try it for yourself the next time you go out. And rule number one - no mixing!
Enjoy your youth!

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