Monday, November 12, 2012

Self improvement motivation

Can't stress this enough how my view at life has changed in literally a year. My decision process is different, my body is different, my skin is different and I'm loving every single step I take! I'd never exchange this feeling for anything I've gotten rid of for my own sake of self improvement. It includes junk food, alcohol, overpartying, lack of sleep, leaving make up on all night, forgetting to drink water, TV over fitness, antibiotics, late night dinners and so on...

There is a whole lot of people who still can't grasp the major factor of changing their livestyles due to cravings, weakness, lazyness, different priorities, and I understand how difficult it is! I've done it! But there is so much more out there that any person could feel and experience that would bring joy and self-accomplishment. My self-esteem has gone up. I'm feeling more powerful and more in control. And what looks better than confidence on a woman? Not even a $699 pair of shoes! )) With all my love to fashion, I personally believe that health and fashion go hand in hand. Clothes look much better on a woman that takes care of herself from within out.

Just go and take a first step!

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