Thursday, November 8, 2012

Some news

So I've been following the Candida diet I've mentioned in the previous post for a month now. It is a dairy, sugar free, yeast and corn free diet. I do feel about 50% better, which to me is a great improvement! I've also lost a few pounds, which happens naturally when you cut all the sugar and alcohol out of your daily routine (not that I had planned on loosing any, but my doctor let me know it would happen any way). Now I'm in a constant search for new recipe ideas due to chocolate and sugar cravings. I surprisingly don't go too nuts over them but it happens occasionally ))

We had a Sandy storm here in NY which still continues to affect the city. It is getting slowly back on feet tho. Had to stay home for a few days with no power so of course that's when my cravings were the strongest lol Understandable enough ))

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