Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Skin foundation tip

Yesterday I repeated the same breakfast. For my late lunch I had brown rice with three grilled chicken breast strips. I purchased it at Trader Joe's, and it is organic, no preservatives and fully cooked. White tea at night.

I realized something important for my skin in a last couple of days. I can't use a foundation brush!! It causes my skin to break out and get these small red bumps around my nose. Apparently it is a rush reaction to bacteria even though I would wash my brushes almost after each use. I knew my skin was sensitive but not this much! Clearly bad idea. So now I'm back to using fingers and suggest the same to you to avoid any issues.

Food diery
1. Wheat squares cereal with unsweetened soy milk
2. Plain egg omelette with canned tuna and a rice cake
3. Coffee same way as before

Same late lunch as yesterday
White tea

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